How do you support them to create the healthy sleep habits that will see them thrive?

Good sleep immeasurably impacts on our health and wellbeing, and the same goes for our babies. Supporting your littlie to self-settle at this age is key to achieving both the day and night sleep they need to be functioning at their best.

Gentle, proven sleep training empowers parents to support their children to be better sleeper and lays the foundation of healthy sleep habits.

  • Making sure your child achieves the sleep they biologically need is key to them meeting developmental milestones and establishing good feeding habits.
  • Optimal day-time sleep habits breed better night-time sleeps – and vice versa. It’s all interconnected, so worth getting right.
  • Start moving towards a routine that works for you and your family – one that ideally includes no more early morning wake ups!
  • Give your child the confidence to fall to sleep independently with less reliance on sleep props.
  • Improve your confidence as a mum as you know your child is getting more restorative rest (and you and the rest of the family are too!)
  • Enjoy a happier more content baby as a result of your little one achieving the sleep they need.

Fussiness, feeding challenges and an unsettled demeanour can all result from less than optimal sleep in this stage of your baby’s development. However, there are science-based strategies that can help your little one achieve the sleep they so desperately need.

“The Infant Sleep and feeding guide will teach you exactly how to sort out your babies short naps. Learn how to establish a long lunch time nap. Consistent Nap routine Self settling for all naps Plus understand exactly what is influencing your babies naps and how to set yourself up for success.”