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0-3 months

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3-8 months

Short naps, self-settling, reflux or night sleep problems this is for you.



9-18 months

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18 months - 4 years

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My Story

“Many parents can tell you that sleep deprivation is a form of torture, but the early years of parenting don’t need to be fraught with lost sleep. Good sleep forms the foundation of so much of our waking lives – impacting our mental health as well as a range of physical wellness indicators. The same goes for our children; their development, nutritional intake and behaviours are intrinsically linked to the quantity and quality of their sleep.

Your, and your baby’s, sleep is important and we believe that every family has the right to the sleep they need – it’s OK to ask for help. We’re not ‘baby whisperers’ – if anything, we’re ‘parent whisperers’ – empowering parents with the knowledge, guidance and reassurance they need to support their children to be better sleepers, amidst what can feel like an overload of information and without compromising their own parenting style.

In some cases, it’s about changing the associations that your child has with sleep – but, whatever the journey, it’s about achieving optimum sleep health for your whole family so that you can all function at your best.”