Baby Sleep Consultants Online Sleep Program was developed after helping over 50,000 individual clients.

Our programs have been created in consultation with board certified lactation consultants, pediatric nurses, sleep consultants, and biologists.

We provide everyone with FREE email support as we believe support is paramount to success.

Our team of sleep consultants are available to help you with all your tricky questions, and troubleshooting.  

"We have had an awesome experience with the online program from Baby sleep consultants.
My little one was just over 4 months with a strong feed to sleep association and had a lot of trouble linking his sleep cycles so would often wake after 45 mins for day naps and about 4-5 wakes per night.
My husband and I were exhausted and overwhelmed when we finally made the choice to go for it. The process was super simple and gave us the confidence we needed to help our baby learn to self settle and an approach that we were comfortable with.
Within a week he was out of his swaddle and down to only 1-2 wakes per night and the most amazing part - settling himself with minimal help from us! I am amazed and so thankful. I only wish we reached out sooner, total life changer! We couldn’t be happier, or more rested!🙏☺️"


Our team of nationwide, certified, friendly and experienced sleep consultants are always available for your when you are ready to make the change towards better sleep, less stress, more freedom and more confidence as a parent.

We provide phone and home consultations, we are so certain we can help, our private consults come with a money back guarantee!

Easier naps, longer nights, later mornings, easier settling, less tears and feel empowered as a parent. 

"Nothing that I write will do Abby's work justice.
So supportive and helpful from the get go. my breastfed-co-sleeping-awake-every-hour 9-month old who would only resettle with the breast is now sleeping from 6 to 6 in his Cot and it took just 10 days!
With a little set back at the start (my own fault I missed the cuddles) which Abby helped me get though gently.
I feel like a new woman and my baby is soooo much happier now having a great routine from Morning to night.

Stop reading reviews now and just book a phone consultation you won't regret it and if you do I'll eat my hat!"


We can teach you how to gentle change your babies feed to sleep association.

Often feeding to sleep works for a certain amount of time, and then after the newborn months pass we find babies become more and more difficult to settle. The problem is when parents are so closely involved in the falling to sleep process (feeding to sleep), normal sleep training approaches aren't suitable and don't work. We often find better results with a more gentle approach, and this is covered in all our online sleep programs.

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Gentle Sleep Coaching Needs Five Things...

  • Respect: You need to have respect for your baby’s physiological need for sleep, allowing your baby to get over tired constantly will make this process more difficult.
  • Communication: Think about what you are communicating to your child? “I know you are tired and upset, I love you and respect your need for sleep, I am here for you and I will be patient and calm while you learn to go to sleep.” How will you communicate this message?
  • Consistency: This is the most important part of sleep training. Without consistency we confuse our children and extend the time it takes to sleep train from 2-3 weeks to 5-6 weeks.
  • Patience: Gentle sleep training or no cry sleep training really is a good 2 week+ process. You need to be committed to the process and have the energy and resources available now to successfully see this through. Short term patience is also needed.
  • Calmness: Imagine the emotional turmoil your child is going through as you move them to their own room and teach them to self-settle.

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Want to purchase all 4 programs today, and save 33% ?

$188 today just $127.00 saving $61! YES NO

Want to purchase all 4 programs today, and save 33% ?

$188 today just $127.00 saving $61! YES NO

Want to purchase all 4 programs today, and save 33% ?

$188 today just $127.00 saving $61! YES NO

Want to purchase all 4 programs today, and save 33% ?

$188 today just $127.00 saving $61! YES NO