Good sleep forms the foundation of our waking lives and impacts on virtually every aspect of our health and wellbeing – the same goes for our children! We believe that every family has a right to the restorative sleep that they need, and our consultants work to empower you with the expert knowledge, guidance and reassurance you need to support your child to be a better sleeper, in a way that doesn’t compromise your parenting style. There’s a solution that will work for your family – and we’ll help you find it.

Our packages: 2 flexible options

Home or Phone, all of our packages are suitable for any age group and involve us getting to know more about you and your family before crafting a holistic, science-based and evidence-backed plan with a sleep training technique tailored to work for you. Your plan will be personalised to your child’s developmental stage and temperament and includes recommendations around sleep environment, diet, nap schedules, and sleep props – all aimed to get your family getting as much sleep as possible, as smoothly as possible.

Support during sleep training makes all the difference to success

All of our plans come with follow up support calls during which time you have our advice, support and guidance. We we can answer any additional questions or make changes to your plan, as needed; just think of us as your virtual cheerleader!

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Home Consults

For the best results and maximum support, one of our consultants can visit you and your baby at home to support, coach, and empower you with a sleep solution that works to give your whole family the restorative sleep they need. Nationwide and day, evening, or overnight – depending on the challenges you’re struggling with – our baby sleep consultants can coach you through making positive changes towards better sleep.

This package includes physical and hands on support and coaching during your consultation. Let us show you exactly HOW to get your baby to settle, sleep, re-settle into a longer nap or sleep well at night. You'll also be sent our famous feed and sleep guide, your personalised sleep plan. Our comprehensive phone support is included; you'll never be left wondering what to do next! (5 scheduled calls)

Feel empowered and confident as a mother, gain back some freedom and time out. Have a happier, more content baby. Enjoy less crying, and more consistency. Choose from:

  • Daytime (2 hours) - $349
  • Evening (3 hours) - $399
  • Night (6 hours) – 6pm to midnight - $599
  • Overnight (12 hours) – 6pm to 6am - $899
  • Additional hours - $69/hr

Travel costs may apply outside of consultants 20km radius. All consultations have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Please let us know if you need to cancel or change your appointment time.

"Baby Sleep Consultant saved our sleep not once, but twice! Despite the universal law that you will not be gifted with a terrible sleeper twice, my second daughter proved to be just as disinclined to sleep as my first. We went from reactive co-sleeping and waking every hours to waking once a night and sleeping in her own two days!!! We couldn't believe it! I'm so glad I chose to get in contact at four months, rather than waiting 15 months like I did with my first daughter! Prior to having our home consult we had tried every single 'sleep training' method under the sun. We joked that Baby Sleep Consultant must have cast a spell on her, the turnaround was so dramatic! So a big thank you - we can't recommend you enough!"

Phone Consults

This popular and comprehensive option is right for any sleep problem, from settling issues, regressions and transitions, to consolidating naps, sleep resistance, early rising or supporting your child to sleep through the night.
Phone consults are 40-60 minutes long as we consult with you to come up with a comprehensive stage by stage plan that doesn't compromise on your parenting style, and which we know will work.
You'll then receive your personalised sleep plan, our famous feed and sleep guide and our comprehensive phone support as you begin to implement changes for better sleep!

  • Basic one week support package $199.00 great for more simple problems.
  • Deluxe two week package $249 perfect for more comprehensive problems, medical complications or gentle sleep approaches
  • Comprehensive consultation, proven results.
  • Pediatric supported solutions and strategies.
  • You'll receive initial phone consultation, personal sleep plan prepared by your consultant and famous feed & sleep guide.
  • Follow up support package of 1 or 2 weeks, scheduled calls every 2-3 days. Does not include daily calls.
  • Work with NZ's most trusted and experienced team of sleep consultants
  • You're gaining access to our experience of over 80,000 clients.
  • We guarantee our consults, we are that confident we can help you.

"After the very first phone call I knew it was money well spent! Our baby was 7 and a half months old when I approached the baby sleep consultant company. Our main problem was she was waking up to ten times at night and her sleep routine was all over the place. After the first day using the advice given us bubs was sleeping through the night and without a dummy! The support has been incredible they are truly amazing and I’m so glad I did it! I highly recommend anyone having sleep issues with their babies to get in touch with a baby sleep consultant!"

Our Process

Simply select the consult you need below and pay for it as you check out. This will automatically send us all your information and one of our friendly consultants will give you a call today to arrange the day and time that best suits you. Not sure? Click contact us and send us a message!


If you follow our sleep plan and guidance consistently for two weeks and see no improvement following our support, we’ll refund the cost of your consult. Conditions apply, see our T&C's.


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Want to purchase all 4 programs today, and save 33% ?

$188 today just $127.00 saving $61! YES NO

Want to purchase all 4 programs today, and save 33% ?

$188 today just $127.00 saving $61! YES NO

Want to purchase all 4 programs today, and save 33% ?

$188 today just $127.00 saving $61! YES NO

Want to purchase all 4 programs today, and save 33% ?

$188 today just $127.00 saving $61! YES NO