Whether your toddler is moving from two day sleeps to one, or is ready to drop the one nap that you’ve been hoping they would keep doing forever, it’s important to establish healthy habits around sleep that ensure that they are still getting the quality and quantity that they need.

Science-based and evidence-backed sleep training can be tailored to your unique child to help them through these transitions in a way that enables them to thrive.

  • Making sure your child achieves the sleep they biologically need is key to them meeting developmental milestones.
  • Making sure the day sleep they have is a consolidated stretch, and the right amount for them, means you can be confident they’re getting the restorative rest they need.
  • Optimal day-time sleep habits breed a better night-time sleep and this needs to be tweaked and managed through any nap transitions.
  • Achieving the sleep they need leads to a happier, more content and settled child who throws fewer tantrums.
  • Healthy sleep habits and the ability to self-settle lead to less sleep refusal and fewer battles of wills.
  • Supporting your baby to sleep well enhances confidence and independence in both your baby and yourself.

While the game changes vastly when it comes to day-time sleeps, the transitions your toddler goes through benefit hugely from the support and guidance, backed up by tailored sleep training, that you are able to give.

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