When we don’t sleep well our health and wellbeing are affected – and the same goes for babies! Our certified team of sleep consultants can help you change the sleep associations that are interfering with a good night’s sleep, so that your whole family can be functioning at their best.

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Sophie’s background as a registered nurse is what inspired her to learn the craft of helping babies and children sleep. Sophie believes in the importance of knowledge about biology when it comes to guaranteeing a good night’s rest, which is why she aims to educate and encourage parents - empowering them to support and guide their children to be better sleepers.

Meet Sophie


“I just want to say a huge thank you to Sophie, our sleep consultant. She has given us the confidence to know exactly what we are doing with our wee man, and his sleep has improved dramatically in literally 1-2 days. He now goes through the night with just one feed, and I am confident in the knowledge that I am doing things right! The thing I love most about you guys is that you have the science and the facts to back up your advice, instead of the silly theories and opinions that come from everybody else! I am a person who needs the cold, hard evidence – and the assessment Sophie provided had everything we needed to know. I can’t recommend Sophie highly enough; she answered all my stupid questions and, more importantly, gave me the confidence and moral support that I badly needed. Thank you so much!”

- Marie -