No sleep challenge is outside the realm of what our certified team of baby sleep consultants can handle. We’re committed to helping your family achieve their optimum sleep health and will empower you to support your children to be better sleepers.

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Not even her years of experience in childcare and nannying could have prepared Samantha for the challenges of developing healthy sleep patterns in her own babies. Now equipped with the expertise that’s come from training as a sleep consultant, Samantha knows how to integrate all the theories that are out there to tailor a solution that helps each individual family get the sleep they need.


“Samantha, we really were at our wits end when we spoke to you. The plan you put in place addressed all of our concern’s and even though I felt skeptical, I am pleased to say Zac is sleeping through with just one feed around 1am! I can’t believe how much you have changed our lives. We put up with broken sleep for 9 months before calling you and, in 1 hour, you had spotted all the areas we needed to work on. I felt like I had read every book, but was far too tired to actually come up with a plan. Thank you, thank you!”

- Ashley -