You may never have had a great sleeper, or somewhere along the way of increased independence, your child’s healthy sleep habits might have slipped. Toddlers face some pretty big changes as they transition to a big bed, drop day naps altogether and start testing the boundaries.

Toddler sleep struggles come with solutions though; you don’t need to put up with the power struggles, the battles at bedtime or the early morning wake ups. Whether you’re moving on from co-sleeping, trying to ditch the dummy or other sleep props, or just have a wilful little one who won’t stay in bed, sleep training strategies can help.

Is your toddler having trouble with:

As a toddler, your child will eventually drop their one and only day sleep, which can be a tough transition. Doing this at the right time, and in a way that supports them to still achieve their optimal sleep, is vital.

In many households, evenings with a toddler can be a battle of wills – but they don’t have to be. Toddlers commonly fight going to sleep at night-time and many still steadfastly refuse to sleep through the night, but sleep training can help.

Good sleep lays the foundation for what we are able to do in our waking lives, and it’s important that our little people are supported to get the amount of it that they need to thrive.