Challenges surrounding sleep are common in newborns

After babies are born they often experience some day/night confusion.
They might be sleepy little dreamers during the day (to a point!) but then want to party (and feed!) all night – especially around the dreaded, so-called ‘witching hours’.
For other bubs, 10-30 minute catnaps are the norm, or they only want to sleep while being fed, or while snuggling in the front pack or on someone.
And then there are the challenges associated with colic…

While it pays not to expect too much of our littlest people, there are solutions to the sleep problems that occur even at the newborn stage.
In other words, the poor sleep that’s thought to be the norm of life with a new baby isn’t a something compulsory – and you don’t have to put up with it!

Is your newborn having trouble with:

Many of us don’t realise that newborns actually need to be taught how to sleep and it’s likely they will need some support at first to consolidate their naps.

It can be a challenge to support your baby to settle, and to sleep happily in their bassinet (or similar) – not to mention those crazy frequent night wakings.

Sleep forms the foundation of our waking lives. If your newborn isn’t able to get the quality and quantity of sleep they need, it can lead to fussiness and poor feeding as a result: a vicious cycle!