You’ll know the impact that a good night’s sleep can have on your health and wellbeing – and the same is true for newborns! So many of the problems that new parents struggle with, from colic to fussiness and feeding issues, stem from a lack of sleep – both your own and your baby’s!

Gentle, proven sleep strategies, that are tailored to your unique child and your personal parenting style can help.

  • Making sure your child achieves the sleep they biologically need is key to them meeting developmental milestones and establishing good feeding habits.
  • Optimum sleep leads to a happier, more content baby.
  • Gain more confidence as a Mum as you learn to understand your baby’s cues and needs.
  • Give yourself peace of mind knowing your child is getting the restorative rest they need.
  • Try different settling approaches as you explore what works for you and your baby.
  • Break the vicious cycles that come from lack of sleep, as you achieve better night-time stretches and a more predictable day.

Sleep deprivation in the early years of your child’s life is not an essential rite of passage – it’s a form of torture. The healthy habits you are able to establish around your child’s sleep now will lay the foundation for them to function at their best because they’re getting the optimum sleep they need as they grow and develop.

“The Infant Sleep Program will teach you exactly how to sort out your babies short naps. Learn how to establish a long lunch time nap. Consistent nap routine self settling for all naps. Plus understand exactly what is influencing your babies naps and how to set yourself up for success.”