We often forget that our littlest people need to be guided, supported, and taught how to sleep well. Between the ages of 4 and 8 months, your baby’s sleep cycles will go through some permanent, developmental changes and how you support them through those will set the stage for their ability to achieve the sleep they need.

Gentle, proven sleep training that works with your personal parenting style and suits the individual needs of your baby can empower you to.

  • Make sure your child achieves the sleep they biologically need, which is key to them meeting developmental milestones.
  • Support your 4 to 8 month old to self-settle, with less sleep associations and night-time feeds.
  • Help your baby consolidate their stretches of sleep so they achieve the longer, more restorative rest they need.
  • Wave goodbye to the witching hours as you support your baby to settle for the evening.
  • Achieve optimum night-time sleep that breeds better day sleeps for your baby too.
  • Improve your confidence as a mum and your baby’s feelings of confidence and independence.

Self-settling is an important step and often the goal at this stage, for all that comes along with it – the ability to sleep through the night, improved feeding and ability to manage other milestones, as well as the happy, content temperament of a baby who is achieving their optimum sleep.

“The Infant Sleep and feeding guide will teach you exactly how to sort out your babies short naps. Learn how to establish a long lunch time nap. Consistent Nap routine Self settling for all naps Plus understand exactly what is influencing your babies naps and how to set yourself up for success.”