Consolidate your baby’s naps to ensure they’re getting the restorative day-time rest they need.

Catnapping is common for babies between 4 and 8 months, with little 45 minute stretches being the best you get throughout the day. Starting to support them to self-settle is key to consolidating their naps – ensuring they start achieving the day-time sleep they need, and you get a bit of down-time too!

Gentle, proven sleep coaching, that meets the needs of your unique child and family, can help with.

  • Making sure your child achieves the sleep they biologically need is key to them meeting developmental milestones.
  • Helping your 4 to 8 month old consolidate their naps means that they will be achieving longer, more restorative stretches of sleep.
  • Moving towards establishing an optimum day-time nap routine means your baby consistently gets the rest they need, and you can enjoy a more predictable pattern to your day.
  • Optimal day-time sleep habits breed better night-time sleeps too – it’s all interconnected - so it’s worth getting the foundation right.
  • Achieving the sleep they need leads to a happier, more content baby and better feeding habits.
  • Supporting your baby to self-settle, with less sleep associations, enhances confidence in both your baby and yourself.

Whether you’re thinking it’s time to ditch the dummy, say ‘see ya’ to the swaddle, or would like your baby to be able to settle themselves to sleep without being rocked or fed, our science-based and individually tailored infant sleep solutions can help.

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