Full Sleep Packages

Email Consultation  - $99

A full sleep plan at a moments notice. You could have a comprehensive sleep plan and follow up support within 48 hours.

Phone Consultation - $ 149

Let us talk you through your plan, and answer your questions. You will feel confident, empowered and ready for more sleep!

Home Consultation - $249

Let us support you in your home as you implement changes, guaranteed to help you and your family get more sleep with less stress

What our clients say about us

“I can’t express my thanks enough, after 8 months of inconsistent Naps and wake up after wake up at night, we finally have a baby who easily naps and is happy to sleep all night. Your approach is unique and worked so quickly, we couldn’t be happier! Thanks again”
– Sarah and Robb.

“Hi Emma, We are now on day 3 of your recommended routine for Levi to help him sleep through the night and all I can say is THANK YOU! We have followed the suggestions in your assessment to the letter and it has changed our lives! Last night he slept from 6.15pm to 7.15am. So far I don’t really have any questions, I am just hoping it lasts. Thanks again and I’ll be in touch during the week to let you know how we are getting on. Cheers.” – Sara

“Charlotte went to bed at 7 last night without her dummy put the sleeping bag on her and she fell asleep all by herself without dummy and without crying and to make it even better slept till 4.30 this morning, gave her a bottle because she hardly touched her one at 6.30 before bed and woke at 7.30… FEELING AMAZING TODAY!!! THANK U SO MUCH!!”

As a mother I understand how lack of sleep affects the entire family.

I have been where you are, confused about how to teach my babies to nap better, and tired to the bones when they didn’t sleep well at night. I was desperate for help, but was constantly told by people this was motherhood, and this was normal.

I was surrounded by people telling me they hadn’t slept well in years. This notion that to be a good mother you must be sleep deprived scares me. Sleep is such a fundamental part of our health and well being not only as mothers, but as humans, and it is so commonly overlooked! We know lack of sleep is the number one contributing factor to post natal depression, we know lack of sleep contributes to increased stress, weight gain, lowered immunity and pressure on marriages and relationships. Yet still as mothers we continue to put our well being at the bottom of our priorities. If you are looking for a sleep solution, we get you. We have been where you are, you don’t have to spend months and months of trial and error only to make 2 steps forward and one step back. You can have confidence in what you are doing, you can wake up well rested, and your baby can get the sleep they need without you feeling like you compromised on your parenting style. We would love to help you achieve the sleep you dream of.

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