Our Online Sleep Program

Baby Sleep Consultants Online Sleep Program was developed after helping over 50,000 individual clients.

Our programs have been created in consultation with board certified lactation consultants, pediatric nurses, sleep consultants, and biologists.

We provide everyone with FREE email support as we believe support is paramount to success.

Our team of sleep consultants are available to help you with all your tricky questions, and troubleshooting.  

"It was so amazing, the guide really helped us get our 4.5 month old sleeping through the night!!
It was incredible how quickly things fell into place, our baby went from having a 10/20 min nap twice a day on me, to now sleeping in her cot 3 times a day ( 1 hour, 2.5 hour & 30 mins ) highly recommended it."


Private consultations

Our team of nationwide, certified, friendly and experienced sleep consultants are always available for your when you are ready to make the change towards better sleep, less stress, more freedom and more confidence as a parent.

We provide phone and home consultations, we are so certain we can help, our private consults come with a money back guarantee!

Easier naps, longer nights, later mornings, easier settling, less tears and feel empowered as a parent. 

"Sophie was amazing at supporting us as we helped our second baby learn to sleep through the night and take longer naps before I started back at work.
I expected it to be all CIO but she introduced new ideas to us such as blackout blinds (a 2 hour nap the first day we tried this) and a shuffle around with our routine.
I learnt so much about melatonin levels etc and now have my sleep back! I loved that there was support no matter what parenting style you chose to use and could be as gentle as needed."

Anna Davies

We can help you create amazing sleepers with or without your babies dummy/pacifier.

You can create the best sleeper once you understand the stages of dummy/pacifier use.

Find and replace, self settling, longer naps, and better nights, we can work together to help you with creating the best sleeper.

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Dummies-Pacifiers and better sleep starts here

  • Making sure your child achieves the sleep they biologically need is key to them meeting developmental milestones and establishing good feeding habits.
  • Optimal day-time sleep habits breed better night-time sleeps – and vice versa. It’s all interconnected, so worth getting right.
  • Start moving towards a routine that works for you and your family – one that ideally includes no more early morning wake ups!
  • Give your child the confidence to fall to sleep independently with less reliance on sleep props.
  • Improve your confidence as a mum as you know your child is getting more restorative rest (and you and the rest of the family are too!)

Better newborn sleep in

12 weeks

Download my simple age appropriate tips for the first 12 weeks of your newborn’s life.


The who, what, and why of


Download my freebie to understand the difference and how to make your situation work for you.



are something all parents struggle with

Grab my free nap routines and cat napping tips and tricks.


Are you stuck


Get my ready for change check list and take the leap!



My sleeping through the night freebie will show you the signs your baby is ready to sleep through the night.


Want to purchase all 4 programs today, and save 33% ?

$188 today just $127.00 saving $61! YES NO

Want to purchase all 4 programs today, and save 33% ?

$188 today just $127.00 saving $61! YES NO

Want to purchase all 4 programs today, and save 33% ?

$188 today just $127.00 saving $61! YES NO

Want to purchase all 4 programs today, and save 33% ?

$188 today just $127.00 saving $61! YES NO