We have a certified team of baby sleep experts on hand in Christchurch to help you improve both the quality and quantity of sleep your family is getting – in a way that works for you all.

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Forget reading through books written for a generic audience—Andrea knows that what you need is a tailored approach to sleep. Andrea works with children of all ages and stages, helping them and their families find the regular and restorative rest they need.


“Andrea is a professional, kind and intuitive baby sleep consultant with great communication skills. I really appreciated her advice in the early days of having baby number two. Even though I’d had experience with my first child, there was still a lot for me to learn about teaching my baby to sleep well. Andrea’s support, tips and resources were incredibly valuable and I saw results immediately after trying her techniques. She also gave me sound advice for my toddler, who was annoyingly waking at 5am! I would recommend Andrea to any sleep-deprived parent with a baby or toddler.”

- Sarah -


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Holly has always been passionate about supporting people in a range of personal circumstances to reach their individual goals. It’s what drove her to do her honours degree in primary teaching, and it continues to motivate her now as a sleep consultant, coupled with her understanding that good sleep lays the foundation for our waking lives.


“We met Holly to help with our nine month old who was still waking during the night. We found her very friendly and supportive. We wanted to take a very gentle approach, which she supported. With the ideas and tips she gave us, our nine month old successfully slept through the night for the first time within a couple of days! We would recommend Holly to other parents that are struggling with sleep issues. Thank you.”

- Emily & Brad -


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When it comes to achieving optimal sleep health, Lauren takes a ‘big picture’ approach. With a degree and a decade of work experience in teaching, Lauren takes environment, diet, a child’s temperament, and your parenting philosophy into account when creating the right solution for your family.


“What a fantastic experience! Lauren, thank you so much for all of your support and guidance! This has given me a new boost of confidence and a leap in a new direction of better sleep and good routine. Your suggestions have made an incredible difference to not only our night sleeps but also to my day being more organised. I didn’t think it was going to be possible to see this much change so quickly but, with your help, we did it and will continue to do it!”

- Sarah -