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5 Ways to Improve Your Baby's Night Time Sleep

Baby Sleep Routine

Learn the 5 Reasons Your Baby Doesn't Sleep Through the Night

​(And How to Fix Them!)

in This Online Webinar

Baby Night time sleep

"Our house is much happier and well rested since you left, I am so grateful to you and the team at Baby Sleep Consultant.”

– Renee and Simon

  • How to tell if hunger is preventing baby from sleeping, or if it's something else
  • How the timing of naps affect baby's night time sleep
  • How the timing of naps affect baby's night time sleep

Toddlers can be a handful. You have a tough enough job to do without worrying if you’re doing things “right” – prepare yourself for your child’s next few years with the Toddler Sleep Routine.

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Hi, I'm Emma, founder of Baby Sleep Consultant.

As a mother of 3 young children, I understand how hard it can be to function as a mum on a broken night's sleep. I feel irritable, exhausted, grumpy, and I lose my patience and my ability to be the fun mum my children love.

I remember trying to find answers when I had my first baby. I didn't want to just "let her cry all night" - I wanted a holistic solution which addressed the reasons why she woke, and helped her learn the skills to get herself back to sleep again quickly.

That was years ago. Since then I founded Baby Sleep Consultant.
My team and I have helped over 8000 babies and parents sleep through the night, and we're proud to be the most experienced sleep consultants in New Zealand. We believe that the best way to teach your baby to sleep is by finding a sleep training technique which suits your parenting style, and doesn’t compromise your values. Our customised sleep plans have helped families around New Zealand and Australia bring back restful nights, and happy mums.

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