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Do you need help with your babies naps? Or a stubborn early wake up? Wondering how to teach your baby to self settle? Or your toddler to stay in bed?

This package is perfect to help you solve the more simple sleep issues your baby or toddler is experiencing. Your express sleep plan considers all aspects of your child’s day and night to ensure the fastest least stressful results possible.

Your holistic sleep plan comes with recommendations around sleep environment, diet, nap schedules, sleep props, developmental stages and more.

We recommend a sleep training technique based on your description of your child’s temperament and your parenting style. You don’t have to compromise on your parenting style for sleep results.

Our plans aim to have you and your family getting as much sleep as possible, as smoothly as possible.

You don’t have to use cry it out, and you don’t have to stay home all day. You will get more sleep, feel less stressed, and gain confidence!

This package comes with a weeks email follow up support. Research tells us that support when sleep training is what makes you successful. We answer your questions, make changes to your plan and become your virtual cheer leader!

We are so confident we can improve your sleep….

We guarantee it! If you follow our sleep plan consistently for 7 days with our support and have no improvement, get in touch for a refund.

baby sleep email consultation

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 Read what our clients have to say after the express package. 

“Thank you, thank you, you have saved our family!” ~ Anne in Christchurch

“Wow! I’m finally sleeping � thank you so much Holly, for all your tips tricks and stories. It’s fantastic to have Harland sleeping peacefully anf knowing she’s getting all the rest she needs. I found the whole process really easy and quick for us, and that’s because I felt fully supported the whole way. I absolutely recommend this (and have done numerous times already!) to anyone who’s in need of some sleep! Why on earth did I wait so long to for it?!” ~ Kelly in Auckland

“We used Emma when our wee man (awful sleeper!) was 7 months to help us drop a night feed and extend his day naps, and again at 11 months to get him sleeping through the night. She was brilliant! Listened to everything we said, gave lots of options to choose what suited our family best and both times we were sorted within a couple of weeks. Highly recommend, thanks again Emma.” ~ Bella in Dunedin

“Best $99 I’ve spent in 3 years!” ~ Danielle in Wellington

“We were at our wits end with our 14 week old sons awful sleeping habits. From the day we brought him home from the hospital, he has been a very awake and alert baby who has been a persistently poor sleeper. I have to admit, I was doubtful even a sleep consultant could help us much. One week on, I am staggered at the progress we have made!! ~ Jess in Hamilton

Joel WAS going down to bed super late in the evening, waking every 1-2 hours overnight, always required a feed or excessive rocking and patting to get to sleep, and taking crappy 30min naps during the day. NOW he is in his cot for every sleep, has a bedtime of 6.30pm, wakes only twice at night, is taking chunky daytime naps and has learned to settle and resettle himself to sleep without our help! ~Julia in Rotorua

“The fact that there is more progress each day is so exciting and we are well on our way to Ava sleeping through the night. Our consultant was amazing and we are so grateful for all the help and advice she gave us. Life changing stuff! Thanks guys!” ~Amanda in Auckland

“In 72 hours my 11 month old went from waking up several times a night to down copious amounts of milk (think 300ml plus in a night), to sleeping right through the night! Samantha was lovely to deal with and had some great ideas, that worked! My sleep tracker has told me my average nightly restful sleep has gone up 2hrs and 31 minutes since last week. I’m now getting almost eight hours sleep a night, how’s that for a result? Would definitely recommend spending the money for the advice, support, and results.” ~ Renee in Queenstown

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Pay your invoice and receive your sleep plan. You can start your follow up support in your own time when you are ready; we are ready!

baby sleep email consultation

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