3-6 Month Sleep Guide

My 3-6 month sleep guide is a comprehensive, holistic look at sleep in the 3-6 month age group.

I’ve taken my experience after working with over 15,000 individual clients and written this guide to support you and show you exactly how to change the way your baby sleeps.

My sleep guide was written in consultation with board certified lactation consultants, medical professionals, nutritionists and with my own experience as NZ’s leading certified sleep expert.

Let me teach you about your babies natural circadian rythym, how my sleep routines, settling strategies and holistic look at infant sleep can support your babies sleep.

Are you looking for a solution for……….

  • Cat napping
  • Difficulty settling
  • Frequent night wake ups
  • Evening fussiness
  • Troublesome naps
  • Early morning wake ups
  • No self settling skills
  • Un-swaddling how to
  • Understanding sleep hygiene
  • Learning about sleeping through the night
  • Gentle settling
  • How to wean off a dummy or rocking or feeding to sleep
  • Frequent problems and solutions

This 3-6 month sleep guide is perfect for you!

Let me show you how without staying home all day, resorting to cry it out, or staying awake all night you can start to establish sleep habits that will set your baby up for life.

Our clients notice their babies are happier with more sleep, they feed better, are less fussy with solids and wake up happy.

They enjoy their awake and play time, cope better with minor stressors, and parents tell me they feel more confident knowing what they are doing and why. They feel empowered, and less anxious about sleep. Parents love creating positive sleep rituals and enjoying the rewards of better sleep as a result.

3-6 month sleep guide $9.99

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